paleo crock pot cabbage rolls

Paleo Crock Pot Cabbage Rolls

Hey Hey Loves!  Happy hump day!  I made a kick ass and super easy recipe the other day and I can’t wait for you to get your hot little hands ...

30 Minute Meal- Ground Beef and Kale Bowl

Hey Cupcake Love Bunnies!  Happy 3rd of January!  I’m finally getting settled back into real life after the holidays.  Tucking away Christmas decorations, doing leftover loads of laundry from our ...

paleo fajitas

Weeknight Paleo Fajitas

Happy Hump Day!! So darling family, how are the holidays?  You surviving?  I’ve been eating pretty clean and have stayed super consistent at the gym but have been drinking my ...

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paleo chicken cacciatore

Paleo Chicken Cacciatore

Hot Dayum it’s Friday!   So I have to admit, I totally botched this recipe according to my own standards but Jeremy loved it.  You see, I had some wine, and got a little over zealous with the salt :/.  Note to self, pink himalayan sea salt is MUCH saltier than it’s white counterpart.  So, […]

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simple paleo recipes

Paleo Brussels Sprouts for Haters

Hey Lovers!  Happy Wednesday! I have BIG NEWS! I’m officially a Certified Health Coach! I completed my year of school through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I can’t wait to start working with women (sorry boys!).  Check out Finding Beauty in Wellness. I’ve got a big ol’ batch of bone broth going in the […]

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paleo thanksgiving

Non Traditional Paleo Thanksgiving Menu + Chicken with 40 Cloves

Happy Feast Friday!  Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving! Hasn’t this year flown by?! I swear I was just setting my 2014 goals and now WHOOSH.  At any rate, I’m really excited to eat all of the traditional stuff, we’ll be in Mississippi and you better believe the eatin’ is gonna be good there!  However, […]

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paleo bbq pork chops

Grilled Pork Chops and Paleo Applesauce

Happy Feast Friday!!  Hey girl, you’re bad ass today! Just thought I would tell you that.  Also because I dead lifted 230 this week and I just feel like there’s probably a lot of other #baddies out there that need to hear that once and a while.  We’re strong, we’re healthy and we’re a whole […]

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paleo egg salad

Feast Friday: Flawless Paleo Egg Salad

Oh Hai November!? Is anyone else freaking out that it’s almost the holidays? I feel so unprepared and I swear it was just July.  So here’s the deal, I’ve been SO hard at work on Primal Vixen Program, I’m really falling behind on getting you delicious recipes!  So, I’ve created Feast Friday.  A new recipe […]

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best paleo lasagna

Spectacular Paleo Lasagna

Hey Loves!  Got a banging new recipe for you! I’ll get straight to the point and say this is by far one of my best recipes to date *dismounts soap box*.  Simple, fresh ingredients, a little technique and you’ll swear this Paleo lasagna is better than the pasta version.  There is a little dairy in […]

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paleo hot wings

Finger Licking Paleo Hot Wings

Horray! Hello! I’m Here! Sorry it’s been a minute, I’ve been soaking up the sun in beautiful Costa Rica and have been trying to unplug but I just can’t seem to hide these recipes away for long.  Plus, I just drank a shit pile of Costa Rican coffee and need to type REALLY fast! lol. […]

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paleo budget chicken

Paleo Budget Grilled Chicken- 3 Ways

Buenos Dias!  Wow, it’s been a minute!  I’m so wrapped up in getting Primal Vixen Program together I haven’t posted a recipe in over a week! LAME.  Head on over and check it out! Pretty cool stuff happening, it will be launching December 30th and takes a “WHOLE-istic” look at health and wellness.  In the […]

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paleo grilled artichokes

Paleo Grilled Artichokes

Greetings Earthlings!  Artichokes are hands down my favorite vegetable!  I started eating them when I had two front teeth and I’ve had wild cravings for them ever since.  There’s two options in this post.  You can just steam them and stop there or, you can go the extra mile and throw them on the grill […]

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paleo shrimp creole

Paleo Shrimp Creole

Greetings Saucy Pants!  Aw snap! I’m on a roll this week (check out yesterday’s recipe)! I have so many recipes backed up and I’ve been super lazy getting getting them to you.  I’ve got them all organized now so let’s do this and stay tuned for more deliciousness this week!   I’m sure most of […]

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