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I've had some requests lately about what items I use in my kitchen so I thought I would put together a definitive guide!  These are my go-to items in my Paleo kitchen.  It's needless to say that seriously geek out on kitchen stuff.  If you ever need to buy me a gift, just go to Sur La Table :).   Just a note that I'm not getting any kickbacks or anything for the recommendations, just my go-to stuff to have you rocking in your kitchen! 

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  1. Immersion Blender - this is hands down my favorite piece of equipment!  I can make Paleo Mayo in less than 5 minutes or whip up a smoothie in a mason jar.   Also, the hubs hates chunky tomato sauce so I just give it a round with the immersion blender before serving over zoodles :).  Here's some more cool info to get you inspired.  
  2. Crock Pot - this one is a no brainer right?!  My buddy over at has hundreds of delicious recipes and many that are totally unconventional and will have you freshly fired up to whip out your crock pot regardless of the season!  I love my AllClad crock pot but it's definitely not the cheapest, if you're looking for a budget buy, this Hamilton Beach one is great too (the predecessor to my AllClad!).
  3. Kitchen Torch - I love FIRE!! When I first got this baby, I nearly lit the house on fire so obvi use this with caution and not on your brand new bamboo cutting board :/.  I love scorching anything from citrus to fish, here's some inspiration!
  4. Food Processor - Ah, the jack of all trades.  This is an ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL!  Don't skimp on getting the cheap one either, trust me.  Cuisinart is the only way to go.  The blade is sharp as shit, trust me on this one too and it stays sharp!  You can make salsa, sauces, dressings, omg I can't even try to list everything.  For the record, I RARELY drink smoothies but I use my food processor instead of my blender.  I think blenders are stupid, that is, until I get a Vitamix and see what all the fuss is about :). 
  5. Juicer - We should all eat more fruits and veggies but sometimes you need a little help from your juicer.  I've been making green juices with turmeric root and ginger for a while now and I swear it makes me feel good!  I use the cheap-0 Hamilton Beach one and it works just fine.  People get all crazy with their juicers, just depends on your budget. 
  6. BBQ - In my opinion, everyone needs a gas grill.  We have a gas and a charcoal AND a smoker.  Really, the only one that gets used is the gas grill.  How amazing is it to just walk outside, fire it up and have a gorgeous plate of grilled meat and veggies, without the smoke and without all the prep.  Some purists insist on charcoal, I'm not one of them.  Weber is the best brand although you may have to start a kickstarter campaign to fund one.  Char-Broil makes a decent gas grill for under $200.  Side note- I like to keep two propane tanks around, it's nice to have a backup after you totally f%ck a filet mignon meal because you ran out of gas :/. 


  1. Chef's Knife - everyone needs a really sharp, well balanced chef's knife.  The 8" Victorinox is BY FAR my favorite blade, yes over Henkels and even some of the Japanese steel.  I love it because the handle is super comfortable, it's light enough for really quick chopping but heavy enough to glide through whatever you're cutting.  Also, it's the perfect blend between keeping it's edges in between sharpening and sharpening up really easily too.  Some steel is too hard so it won't sharpen but it keeps it's edge for longer.  Some steel is too soft and gets dull really easily but sharpens up easily.  A woman and her blade is a very special bond as you can see :). 
  2. Spiral Slicer - simply the best way to turn veggies into pasta! It's also a really fun way to slice up veggies for salads and sautés.  They're a bit cumbersome in terms of size but this is the best brand in my opinion! 
  3. Cutting Board - I can't tell you how important it is to have a good, heavy cutting board that doesn't move around on you.  Boos makes the best, hands down but they're a bit pricey.  If you're opting for a synthetic version, Oxo makes a great board.  If you already have a board that you love, make sure to get a grippy mat for underneath, it makes all the difference! 
  4. Citrus Squeezer - we eat lots of citrus in my house!  I don't know what I would do without my squeezer, okay, I'd probably survive but I really love having this baby around.  Try some citrus in your salad dressings! 
  5. Salt & Pepper Mills - Peuegot are the creme de la creme.  They last forever and have the best built grinding mechanism.  Fresh cracked pepper and fresh ground himalayan sea salt take any dish from drab to fab (I hate that I just said that, what are we, on "what not to wear?!"). 
  6. Meat Thermometer - stop relying on your inner "spidey senses" to tell you when the meat is done.  Just get it right every time without the guess work.  Some people have that innate "grill master" talent, I don't, so I use a meat thermometer.  Ask anyone, I'm a BBQ master! 
  7. Pots and Pans - there's two types of essentials in this category.  1. heavy, quality stainless steel and 2. cast iron.   I absolutely swear by AllClad.  I use this set, pricey yes, but it's the best cookware money can buy, and I swear I taste the difference.  It cooks evenly and they all have copper cores.  You can start with just one, Cuisinart has a solid pan as well.  Cast iron is my other favorite, I love making hashes or searing meat in these, Lodge is the best!  Make sure you keep it well seasoned and NEVER use soap! 


  1. Paleo Powder - just simply the best.  You can put this stuff on everything!  It's a bit spicy, salty and my absolute favorite all around spice.  Plain old chicken breasts are literally transformed into works of art with this stuff and a gas grill. 
  2. Trader Joe's Everyday Seasoning - this is also another great all around seasoning.  This stuff is a little more "herb-y" which I really like.  I literally stockpile this stuff from Amazon! 
  3. Chili Powder - the best for kicking up the spice factor.  I ADORE spicy foods and go through this stuff like crazy! Be careful though, I've definitely ruined a big batch of chile, this stuff is HOT! 
  4. Cumin - if you love Mexican food, you love Cumin.   We eat loads of Mexican flavored dishes (FAJITAS!) and cumin is that delicious spice that pulls it all together. 
  5. Fresh Herbs - I have a small herb garden with my favorite fresh herbs.  There's really no substitute in my opinion unless you want a really subtle flavor.  Big bold herbs are a must in all of my dishes.  Tarragon, oregano, rosemary, thyme, basil.  The big five:). 


  1. Mustard - oh mustard, let me count the ways....I probably have 7 different kinds of mustard in my fridge right now.  It's an obsession. Different flavors, textures, acidity all make for some interesting profiles. I use mustard as an emulsifier in dressings and marinades, it's great with cold cuts for dipping and I even put it on apples! Shoot for organic if you can and if you just go buy two today, get a smooth, creamy dijon and seedy, tart, stone ground. 
  2. Mayo - I make the best mayo and it's super freaking simple. Turn it into ranch dressing, make tuna salad, deviled eggs or put it on your hair (seriously!) - the mayo, not the ranch! I always feel extra happy when I have a batch of this in my fridge door. 
  3. Sauerkraut or Kimchee - we eat the hell out of this stuff. One of my favorite snacks is a grass fed beef hot dog with kraut.  Probiotics are wonderful for your gut and both of these guys are loaded with them. It's a perfect example of how to eat your supplements.  I also love kraut in my tuna salad and in regular salads as well. 
  4. Guacamole - if you're from California, you know where to put this - ON EVERYTHING! 
  5. Fish Sauce - Red boat is the best! It's made from high quality, wild caught fish. I use fish sauce in all of my Asian dishes. It's got a wonderful, mild, umami flavor that adds some salt without too much fish flavor. Trust me on this one.  
  6. Salad Dressing - sometimes I'm too lazy to make my own salad dressing. Keeping it local with my absolute favorite, Bragg!  Not only do we share the last name, we're both located in Santa Barbara! Check out their other products too, I swear by their Apple Cider Vinegar


  1. Microfibre Cloths - these little guys make life so much easier. They're scrubby, the wring out to almost dry and they're the best for countertops!  They help save paper towels too! Think of the environment people! 
  2. Organic All Purpose Cleaner - I mostly use apple cider vinegar and water in a spray bottle to clean my kitchen but I've recently fallen in love with this stuff. It smells amazing, is all natural and really cuts through the grease on the stove! 
  3. Dr. Bronner's - I love this stuff! I use it as dish soap (and body wash, and laundry detergent). It's organic, totally biodegradable and they sustainably source ingredients from around the world.  

Questions?! Ask away and thanks for reading! 

Live to Thrive, 


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