Foodie Gifts They'll Actually Use! 

It's that time of year again! I can't flipping believe it's already December! This year, I SWEAR I'm going to get my gift shopping/making done early and I'm determined to get gifts that are thoughtful and useful! So here we go, I've put together an amazing gift list for the Paleo chefs and foodies in your life! 

Gifts Over $100

12 Piece All Clad Cookware Set- the pots and pans that changed my life
All Clad Slow Cooker- the Rolls Royce of crock pots 
Vitamix- making expensive ass smoothies, soups and nut butters like a champ (pssst Santa, this is on my list!)
Fermentation Crock- make your own sauerkraut and kimchee!
Sous Vide Supreme- the submersion cooker that will take your "gourmet" to the next level
Le Creuset Dutch Oven- simply the best, get your soup and stew game on point! 
Slowstar Juicer- Jack LaLane would approve, I use this baby every day
Olive Oil Gift Sampler- everyone uses EVOO, let them decide which is tastiest 
All Clad Stainless BBQ Set- the set that won't get left outside to rust 

Gifts Under $50

Lodge 13" Cast Iron Skillet- an absolute must have in any kitchen
Peugeot Salt and Pepper Mills- the Rolls Royce of S&P mills
Spiralizer- make noodles out of healthy vegetables
Messermeister Kitchen Torch- light stuff on fire because...duh
Demeyere Egg Poaching Pan- poach like a pro!
Victorinox Chef Knife- great blade, easy to sharpen but long lasting steel
Culinary Gangster T-Shirt- because it's awesome
Exotic Sea Salts- because I have this and use it every single day! 
GreenPan Mini Skillet- perfect for eggs! 
Alex Water Bottle- so good for the planet while keeping you hydrated
Foodie Dice- spice up your cooking routine by rolling the dice!
Ice Molds- they just look so darn cool
Himalayan Salt Block- excellent for grilling/baking seafood and steaks 

DIY Gifts 

Oven Mit Gift Basket- so superbly adorable, yet functional for your friends with 16 year old wooden spoons and rusted whisks 
Herb Salts- delicious and super easy!
Infused Vodka- explanation needed? 
Flavored Butters- because healthy fats people!
Apple Butter- its just so wonderful and it makes your house smell like a dream, who really gets the gift here?
Sugar Body Scrub- it smells just as good as it feels! 
Homemade Seasoning Mixes- so thoughtful and useful! 

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