Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Here is a little freebie I thought I'd share with you because I love you and because I know a lot of us are doing the Whole30. I usually only give this info away during my Primal Vixen Program, but it's too good not to share. Basically, these are all great items to prep on a day when you have a few hours in the kitchen. Guaranteed if you spend some time prepping food for the week, you'll have a successful week.  

A couple of tips for ya:

  • Invest in glass Tupperware
  • Invest in different sized mason jars 
  • Make sure you have a lunch box that works for you (Wonder Woman tin lunch box? - yes, please) 
  • Make sure you have your weekly meal plan lined up (I've created a beautiful template for you that's ALMOST ready! Keep your eyes peeled for Simply Paleo's Weekly Meal Plans)

Paleo Prep Day:

  1. Prep snack packs (so nice to have some bags of veggies to snack on throughout the week)
  2. Sauté or roast 2 bunches kale 
  3. Roast 2 bunches broccoli
  4. Bake 4 large sweet potatoes (400 degrees, 1 hour or until tender)
  5. Crock pot shredded chicken 
  6. Make some cole slaw
  7. BBQ some carne asada (Whole foods has excellent pre-made carne asada, I have a gas BBQ and it's so easy to turn it on, quick grill the carne and add it to salads, make a steak wrap or just have it plain)
  8. The mason jar salad
  9. Prep a salad dressing or two (if you're making mason jar salads this is your bottom layer, if not just store the dressing in a small mason jar)
  10. Prep salad toppings (chop up bell peppers, cucumbers, green onion, radish, carrots and store in a mason jar.  Handful of the toppings go on top of your salad dressing in mason jars)
  11. Prep salad lettuces (I buy several types- kale, romaine, mixed baby greens, and sprouts.  Combine in a big bowl to mix and these are the top layer of your mason jar salads.)
  12. Hard boil 1 dozen eggs (great for deviled eggs, plain or egg salad)
  13. Brown 2 lbs. grass-fed ground beef with onions and salt and pepper
  14. Make egg or chicken curry salad (good for lettuce wraps)
  15. Roast 1 bunch beets (I love beets in salads or just by themselves with some salad dressing and salt and pepper)
  16. Food process 2 heads cauliflower (easily freezes raw and is great for "rice" or when you're ready, you can further food process it for mashed "taters")
  17. Sauté or caramelize 2 whole onions (great on top of ground beef or for a lettuce wrap)
  18. Wash and prep your lettuce for lettuce wraps (romaine is good- think tuna, shredded chicken, egg salad)
  19. Paleo mayo (great for egg salad, tuna, deviled eggs)
  20. Prep some tuna (paleo mayo, pickles, mustard, and salt and pepper)
  21. Roast 2 small or 1 large spaghetti squash (love this heated up with ground beef and some canned tomatoes, super easy spaghetti)
  22. Baba Ganoush, salsa, or guacamole as dips for veggie snack packs (above)
  23. Marinated cucumbers (slice em, add lime, salt and cayenne pepper- they're like chips!)
  24. Paleo meat cups (great portable breakfast, wrap in a paper towel in the microwave for 30 seconds)

Live to Thrive, 


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