Let's face it! Most of us who are living the Paleo lifestyle have overindulged at one time or another. Whether you drank way too many Nor Cal Margaritas or went all out with some good old fashioned beer bongs, it's important to nurse our bodies back to health in a way that agrees with our lifestyle. We're human, we make mistakes, we drink too much, we over-indulge, it's just part of life during this day and age where unhealthy temptations follow us around like our shadow. The good news is us Paleo folks are WAY ahead of the game in terms of healthy living on a day to day basis. So don't beat yourself up any more than you already have, just give your body some extra love to say "I'm sorry!"  Here's the Paleo Hangover Cure! xo

The "Must-Do's"

  • Hydrate 
    • Your body already hates you for what you did to it. Don't make it work hard to normalize the temperature of ice water to assimilate the hydration.  
    • Coconut water is a huge bonus for electrolytes. 
    • Put lemon in your water, it adds a boost of vitamin C and can give your liver a helping hand. 
    • You've also got a net acid load in your system, if you can handle a glass of water with apple cider vinegar it will help alkalize stuff. 
    • Fresh cucumber, lemon and kale juice. 
  • Aspirin 
    • Take 1-2.  It's safe in small doses and will help with inflammation. NO acetaminophen! 
  • Take a really long shower 
    • The negative ions in falling water will relieve all things head pain. You can sit down if you're absolutely dying, but it's important to tilt your head back, facing the shower head to let the water run over your temples and eye lids. Or you can turn away from the shower head and tilt your head back too.  
    • After 20-30 minutes you'll feel brand new. Think self care - "body, I'm sorry, but here's an awesome shower for you!" 
  • Green Tea or Coffee 
    • Caffeine helps with headaches. Did you know Excedrine Migrane has caffeine in it? It's because caffeine really helps with headaches. You can make a big batch and save some for iced green tea or iced coffee as well.  
  • Eat Food
    • Cooking and eating are tough when you're hungover but try and throw something together to get in your system.  
    • Eggs and bacon, quick omelet, sweet potatoes, bone broth. This is why you have friends, ask them.  Praise the heavens if you have leftovers to heat up. 
    • A Chipotle bowl is a good option too, they usually open around 11 though to make sure to eat something right after your shower if you're up early.    
  • Cold Wash Cloth
    • If you have any essential oils laying around like eucalyptus, it can be very refreshing.  
  • Rest
    • It's hard but even if you can sneak in a 15 minute rest within your work day. Ideally, you'd you have a whole Sunday morning to hit the couch and take an hour long nap.  
  • Supplements 
    • I recommend Fish Oil and B12 Complex.  
    • Your tummy is sensitive right now if you're borderline puke status, wait on these.   

Other Helpful Items: 

  • Use some lubricating eye drops. You're all dried out, give your eyes some moisture. 
  • Oil pull with coconut oil and lather up with some coconut oil for lotion. Hydrating inside as well as out. 
  • Stay out of the sun.  I've tried to lay out and get some extra vitamin D whilst being hungover and getting hot and sweaty in the sun just feels crappy.  
  • Fermented foods like kombucha, kimchee and sauerkraut can help give your gut some love.

Leave a comment below if you're ready to see the "Preventative Measures" for escaping a hangover.  Also, Mark Sisson has a great post on this topic as well! 

Live to Thrive, 



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