Happy Tuesday Friendly Followers!

Last week, I got to make one of my favorite dishes! Paleo Gai Pad Krapow or "Chili Garlic Chicken" as my Dad an I call it.  I also found a new trick with Cauliflower rice :0.  This dish was inspired by a little restaurant in West Hollywood that my Dad went to for years and then decided to try and duplicate in his own kitchen.  It's morphed a bit over his renditions and now mine (sometimes I really eff this up but I think I've got it down now :)).  It's served over cauliflower rice, the trick is just chop it up really fine after you steam it instead of the food processor.  The consistency is perfect!  Also, the sauce is really what makes this dish amazing.  Umami flavor for the win! 


Live to Thrive,

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