Happy Tuesday Sweet Love Bunnies!

Since I'm probably driving you crazy will all of this Weekly Meal Plan promotion (see, I did it again!), I thought I'd share the story of WHY I created these little nuggets of #paleolove.


Can you believe it's been over 2 years since we launched? Does anyone remember SheShredss!? Anyway, it's been a crazy roller coaster of challenges and most of all, fun! Our family is now almost 13,000 strong and we're growing every day. It's pretty freaking mind blowing when I think about it. Insert DRAKE SONG here lol!!

First of all, this is YOUR idea. I have to give you credit for that! After all of the personal consults I did and after listening to your feedback around the inter webs, it seemed obvious that the vast majority of us Paleo lifestyle-ers need help deciding what to eat for the week. I created these plans because you asked for help!

  1. From the SP Family: "Would planning out my meals every week actually make a difference?!"
    • Meal planning is by far the biggest factor I attribute to achieving my own personal goals. The logistics of how to plan out the week came pretty naturally for me and after testing new methods, ideas and strategies over the last 2 years, I've nailed it down. It's time to share!
    • I created a new mantra out of my research on meal planning services: Plan Well, Eat Well and Achieve! Having a plan is place is the most sure fire way to accomplish your goals. And I REALLY want you to accomplish your goals.
  2. From the SP Family: "Meal planning sucks and I don't want to do it!"  
    • A lot of you have told me that meal planning is just a drag to do and it's too tedious.  From that, I set out to create the first ever FUN meal planning service. Each week along with the meals, recipes and the grocery list, there will be new and totally useful tips and tricks, everything from natural beauty advice to what's in season to motivational quotes and links to cool articles. I want to take the PLAIN out of PLANNING (okay, that didn't really work but you get the idea!).
  3. From the SP Family: "Meal planning takes way too much time!" 
    • One of my favorite sayings that I have to tell myself EVERY DAY: Do what you're good at, and have an expert do what you're not good at.  Use your time wisely! Let me be the expert and free up your valuable time. What will you do with the time the Weekly Meal Plans save you?
  4. From the SP Family: "I don't have a good method for planning that I can use every week, and even if I did, I wouldn't know what foods to put in there!"
    • After a ton of trial and error, I put together the perfect template (mini sample above).  It helps that it's also SUPER pretty, thanks to The Well-Fed Collective! Of course, it will be all filled with creative, easy to prepare meals that won't break the bank. Keep your wallet and your belly full!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at lauren@simplypaleo.com. I can't wait to get these babies launched


Enter your email HERE to be notified of the launch so you can get your plans at 50% off! See?! There I go promoting again. I can't help it, I'm too excited and this is the biggest launch in the history of Simply Paleo! HUZZAH!

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